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Denise Hamet Comments on the Proposed Cincinnati Zoo’s Cheetah Run

On June 18, Ms. Denise Hamet commented on Cincinnati Zoo's proposal to relocate the Cheetah Run to the former Bowyer farm in Mason, Ohio. The Warren County Rural Zoning Board of Appeals held public hearings for conditional use and a site plan review of the project. Denise Hamet spoke in favor of the zoo’s plan to preserve the green nature of the site, but expressed caution regarding the potential for an increase in traffic at the site without improved access. The use was approved; however, there are some restrictions, including a maximum building height of 50 feet and requirements related to the preservation of the site.

The Cincinnati Zoo will continue to operate the adjacent farm and mentioned preliminary discussions with Warren County Parks about eventually making the farm accessible to the public. Even if the partnership occurs and the farm is made available, the farm site would not access the Cheetah Run facility.

Cheetahs are not new to this area; Cathryn Hilker raised Angel the cheetah at her farm in in the 1980s in Mason while implementing the zoo’s now-renowned Cheetah programs.

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